Monday, June 2, 2008


Dear to all whom helped Cowboy officially become again a beautiful healthy curious friendly horse. It took an incredible effort by a community of volunteers and patrons to bring Cowboy back from deaths door. You cared for this horse day and night and were given a miracle in his emergence into health and vitality after just 16 weeks with your good intentions.  To all of you that breathed life into Cowboy again our hats are off to for your valiant and duly rewarded efforts. From the time Cowboy was saved with his patrons last monies to those who have provided everything for his well being including their time, money and resources to his plethora of visitors who have come to heed him on, this has been an incredible story of how people can come together to do great deeds. 
For all of you Cowboy fans you can sleep tight tonight knowing a special horse was saved by all of you.