Friday, March 28, 2008

Kali visiting Cowboy

As I slowly bicycled my way towards Cowboy's home I imagined seeing Cowboy in a better condition then last time but I never imagined he would be this far along. Since the last time I had seen him he had become more eager to greet all people and looked way better. His fur glistened a little and his reactions and movements were a little faster. He seemed happy to see anyone and created a smile on my face right away. His appearance was finally taking shape to what God intended a horse look like and he was sure looking handsome. I bet he got a whole lot of attention from other horses. His face looked at my sisters and mine a certain way that can't be described, I guess he just looked jazzed to be there. His stall was decorated with pictures and drawings made by his fans. Did I mention that he was eating almost the whole time I was there? He sure can eat. When near Cowboy you can't help but to be extremely happy, because of his story and his personality.

I am so happy to see him doing so well. Until next time Cowboy...keep eating and playing! 

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