Monday, March 31, 2008

A visit to Cowboy outside in his pen next to two new beautiful horses that just arrived Friday, looked mostly interested in getting the food out of the bag that had on purpose been made a little harder to chow down. Victoria and I couldn't help ourselves making it a little easier for Cowboy to pull out a piece of a flake that he was getting frustrated getting to. He thanked Victoria by letting her stroke his face a bit which always makes her happy. He seemed content outside in the sunshine and eating from his bag. 

We had such a positive and wonderful review of Cowboys health. It is hoped he will gain another 50 pounds in the next month and then be able to get his dental check up, his sheath cleaned and maybe start a little training. He has come so far from the horse that walked in near death just a while ago. 

Cowboy has made a miraculous recovery. He is now a skinny horse and not an emancipated horse.  

Saturday Cowboy was lead into an arena and became a bucking bronco right out of the rodeo. It was his first time into the arena and he exhausted himself quickly being out of shape and was taken back to rest. 

The next day he was still a little tired but did get a turn on the obstacle course in the corral. He not only poked the barrel but stuck his head inside as well to check it out. He bounced a yellow ball and walked up and down the tarp. He went through the noodles without a problem and had fun playing with all the toys. 

He went from an introverted and tired horse to an extraverted horse full of young intelligence and bright energy and everyone was so excited to see him act as a young horse should, curious with everything around him. 

We are happy Cowboy is doing so well and will keep you posted when we see him again!

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AlphaMare said...

"He is now a skinny horse and not an emancipated horse. "

On the contrary, he is most definitely an "emancipated" (freed from bondage) horse! He's no longer emaciated, and that is wonderful!

Thanks for emancipating Cowboy!