Friday, April 18, 2008

Cowboy looks GREAT!

Hi Cowboy fans, 

A recent visit to Cowboy was amazing. I cannot tell you how different he looks and as I saw from a distance 3 black horses I found it hard to figure out for a moment which one was Cowboy! He has filled out so nicely and when we post another shot of him this week you will all be amazed at his great healthy change. 

Cowboy had gained enough weight to get his first dental exam. Indeed, he had never had a dental exam and his teeth were sharp and causing ulcers in his mouth making it hard for him to eat. The dentist was able to fix all of his teeth and the ulcers should shortly go away making it must more pleasant to chow down like he loves to do. 

He also finally was able to have his sheath cleaned and have a bath. His coat still needs to become a little healthier and shinier but boy does he look great. 

Cowboy has started his training in natural horsemanship. He is doing well and eager to please. He is learning how to be lead properly, have manners and take instruction from his trainer. 

His caretakers hope Cowboy will gain another 150 pounds in the next few months and be fully recovered from his awful ordeal. And yet for now we can all rejoice that he again looks like a horse, is curious again like a horse and is very content and happy. 

He is a joy to be around. 

We will visit him again this weekend and try to get a picture of his body so you can all be amazed at his wonderful progress.

Until then, eat on Cowboy!

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